Frequently asked questions

Who are Philanthropic Experts?

Philanthropic Experts are those with experience and expertise in their own professions, who are willing to help the distressed individuals in need, on humanitarian grounds. Such Experts include

  • Healthcare Specialists - Doctors, Psychologists, Counsellors, Healthcare workers, Healthcare providers, Healthcare device manufacturers
  • Legal Specialists - Judges, Lawyers, Law Experts, Dispute Resolution Experts, etc
  • Policy Makers - IAS, IPS, IFS, Bureaucrats, Diplomats, etc
  • Opinion Makers - Media, Writers, Intelligentsia, Celebrities etc
  • Educational Specialists /Academia - Scientists, Researchers, Deans, Professors, Lecturers, Teachers, Career Counsellors, trainers, coaches etc
  • Social Service Providers - Social Workers, NGOs, Charitable Organisations, Foundations etc

What is the role of a Philanthropic expert?

  1. Key role of Philanthropic Experts is to help the distressed help seeker by using all their knowledge, experience and understanding on the subject to guide, advice, counsel, assist, help and finally support either on their own or they can help with their own network, contacts, connections etc so that they can resolve the issue through the process set in the platform in an unbiased & professional way.
  2. All the experts are expected to deal with distressed people in an empathetic manner as we can understand the state of mind of distressed people!
  3. Once issue is resolved then PE will come to the platform and CLOSE the issue and the Help Seeker will ACCEPT the issue is closed so that the platform will know the status of the issue.

Are there any commitments for Experts?

Although there is no mandatory number of cases to be resolved by each registered Philanthropic Expert in any year in the platform SFH, it would be ideal at least 1 issue one Expert can solve in a year! that too as per his/her time availability and he/she can pick up the issue which falls within his/her expertise.

What if Experts' advice to Help Seeker is misfired? Is there a liability on Experts!?

SFH at the time of registration by the Help Seeker taking an undertaking that our Experts are giving advice / help / support on their best understanding and the final decision whether to take the advice / help / support from the SFH registered philanthropic experts is totally up to Help Seekers and any liability arising out of the advice / help / support extended by our experts will not be borne either by the experts or the platform.

What are the expectations to Help Seekers?

  • Shout for Help is providing a platform through which distressed help seeker (HS) can have the option to speak with the Expert if anyone shows interest to help HS based on the issue if it falls within their expertise & time availability and various other factors.
  • SFH is NOT a fund-raising platform rather it is an Issue Resolution Platform with the help of registered Philanthropic Experts
  • HS’ issues once resolved by the registered Philanthropic Experts of SFH then they have to visit SFH platform to close the issue as the services provided by the experts are on charity
  • HS must give the testimonials to the Expert who has helped him on resolving the issue
  • The advice and help provided by the Experts on the platform is on best effort basis and if anything is not worked in favour of HS or any liability arose out of their advice is purely the risk of the Help Seeker as it is his decision either to go with Experts advice or not
  • Experts will be helping them on their best effort basis
  • Each HS can have a maximum of 4 active issues on the SFH platform at any time
  • If HS is unable to type or register in the web portal, then any guest can register and publish the issue on behalf – he will be point of contact till the issue is resolved.